And then there were three.

Remember back in this post… I talked about the possibility of a kitten joining our household? Benjamin moved in yesterday and so far seems to have settled just fine, despite a small amount of family drama. I am getting used to having the little guy around.  Boy, this kitten is sociable. He spends most of the time sleeping next to me, or sitting on my lap asking for attention. That’s when he’s not pushing a stray Hershey’s kiss around the room or staring at his refection in my makeup mirror.  He also has such a loud purrr  that never stops!

Say hello to Benji ..

Ain’t he cute?

Ali xX

4 thoughts on “And then there were three.

  1. What a sweetie. He looks like he’s going to cause you lots of trouble! The best kind of trouble of course, like where you (he) put that sock and where did that cable tie I was about to use go?

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