Time Warp !


Nooooo not the dance from the Rocky Horror Show … but really today I felt a little like I got stuck in a time warp and thrown back a few years.  I was at a University Open Day.  Nothing really unusual about that: I mean I am applying this year and I’d like to make some good choices. But as coincidence would have it, the university I attended 5 years ago (typing that=youch) actually has a midwifery course with a great reputation and it’s right on our doorstep. Yeah, me and KM didn’t move far. So, I found myself back on campus trying to focus on midwifery and not drunken… aherm… drama rehearsal flash backs. (Only a performance art student could have nightmares about carrots as a result of their degree- don’t ask). Actually the place has changed quite a bit since I was there.  Whereas it used to be a college affiliated with a university when I enrolled, its now a full fledged university in its own right and with that new buildings sprang up everywhere (about 2 years after I left… well, graduated I might add).  Suffice to say that I went to the midwifery talk but decided I could pass on the campus tour being given by this year’s newly arrived intake.

All in all, the day was a success.  The midwifery facilities and the lectures impressed me, and the college is once again on my application form. Here’s hoping they might want to take me back. I promise to drink less and go to class more… honest! Older and wiser I am.

I’m coping quite well really, despite feeling really old and rather silly back at uni. I swear these people look younger than I was! And then, just as I turned a corner and KM and I were about to have a very unusual soppy moment… a la “awww this is where we met”… our jaws dropped instead and the song “… they paved paradise and put up a parking lot…” was suddenly playing in my head. Yeah, they knocked down the building where we first said hello… the cheek of it! In all honesty that building was… was much closer to a deprived area in desperate need of redevelopment than paradise BUT still …  the memories… this “parking lot” is where we met. Where I won my 6 month long fight to finally get a National Insurance number (another looong story). Where I first found out that despite all my efforts to sabotage myself, I actually was going to graduate…and now its gone. Sigh. Makes me feel old.

Mmhum so we had to take a picture of the  gap in the landscape. Sad, I know, but there ya go.  I’m a silly sentimental sod at times.

Ali xX

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