Trick or …

Halloween is possibly my favorite holiday.. I love this time of year.  I used to celebrate this day as the start of the Pagan New Year,  but now I’m really not sure where I stand on the whole religion thing so I don’t celebrate that way anymore.  I always make a point to carve a pumpkin and over the last couple of years I’ve used the excuse to try and figure out how to make pumpkin pie: something which is harder than it sounds given that several things on the recipe are not available this side of the Atlantic. This year I wasn’t home so sadly neither of these rituals were observed.

I did something this year I’ve never done before: I went trick or treating! No no not for myself. I’m a little old to be begging for candy at people’s doors. I draw the line right around borrowing a cup of sugar. I went with my friend’s kids D who’s 5 and makes a very scary skeleton, N who is an oh so cute but deadly witch. She’s 3.  They had a blast.  I believe this tradition should be encouraged.

It’s safe to say that Halloween is kind of glossed over in the UK. Trick or treating is not all that common and while we make some attempts at spooky theme nights at local night clubs costumes and all that, we don’t go all out the way the Americans do, something which makes the gothic-side of my personality very very upset. I mean this is the one night I can legitimacy get away with dressing like a vampire and not have people questioning my sanity.  Sigh.

I keep threatening to go harass Gadget Guy for Halloween next year… mwahahahaha… Seriously though, I want to go play in the pumpkin patch  and have so many Trick or Treaters that you need a piece of paper and a pen ‘cause 10 fingers is just not enough to count them.

Happy Halloween … blessed be.

Ali xX

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