Sometimes you just reach breaking point. Often you get there without even realizing. That’s what happened to me when I ripped a complete stranger a new one, totally out of the blue today. I am ashamed. The stranger in question was an A&E (that’s ER to you American guys) doctor and as a result I have been told I need to relax and rest because I’m exhausted. Exhausted and in pain. About a week ago while I was away I was helping a friend move a wardrobe up the stairs. I got about 5 steps up into this journey before I realized that this was a bad idea. In case you haven’t noticed, a wardrobe is pretty darnn heavy. Anyhow, we were half way up the stairs with this thing, so kind of committed to going forward. Next thing I know I slipped falling backwards down said stairs and hitting my head on the wall at the bottom. Ouch. Of course the wardrobe had to come and investigate the situation and followed me quickly down the stairs leaving me crumpled  on the floor screaming blue murder with a wardrobe on top of me… did I mention OUCH! I got some impressive bruises on my hands and feet a nice bump on my head and jarred everything on my right side: neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

I haven’t explained this yet, but I went to visit a friend of mine who was due to have a baby while I was away. At this point she was a couple of days overdue. It was late and the money we had left was reserved for her taxi fare in case baby decided to put in an appearance. I was already feeling pretty stoopid after the fall. Something that was made worse by the fact that this woman who was NINE months pregnant and a few days,  succeeded in moving this massive piece of  furniture the rest of the way up the stairs with her partner.  She’s hardcore and maybe a little crazy. But I felt awful sitting in their living room while all this was going on. There was just no way I was going to drag her / her partner and possibly their two year old  out to the hospital on top of everything, so despite a couple of people (Aherm read KM and Gadget Guy ) nagging me to go and get checked out, I refused. I’m queen of stubborn at times. Sleeping on a couch with rib pain. More ouch ouch ouch ouch.

By the time I got home,  I was still having trouble with my arm and my ribs still hurt like hell so I agreed to go with KM to A&E and this is how we spent Saturday.  After waiting most of the afternoon and getting xrays into the bargain. I am now pleased to report I’m fine. Well, I STILL have a bruised tender spot on top of my head. I have a sprained wrist and a very bruised ribcage on my right side. It still hurts, but nothing serious and nothing broken. YAY!

I’m not sure what it was that pushed me over the edge, though I suspect it had a lot to do with sleep deprivation and the pain I’d been in for over a week. Or the fact that I’d been hanging around for most of a day just to find out there’s nothing anyone can do and I just have to suck it up. Or something to do with the fact that A&E staff do not have time for the tea and sympathy approach. While I was there I kept getting the distinct impression that I wasn’t being believed or listened to. I HATE that. But for some totally irrational reason I took exception to the doctor’s tone with me. I got into a mood and just wanted to leave. He must have noticed my change because he kept asking me if I was ok. I just wanted to get out of there but he carried on questioning me.  Is anyone else like me when you’re going to cry you just want whoever to let you get away so you can cry in private?  And as he made one last what I perceived to be smug comment.. I snapped. Yelled at him that No I wasn’t happy with the way I’d been treated… blah blah blah blah… it was awful I tell you awful and totally unjustified. This poor guy just stood there leaning against the wall watching me, listening… letting me rant and then, when I was done, he calmly asked me what would you like me to have done?  I had NO answer for him. You would think that would be the end of my emotional outburst, but no… this was going to be a train wreck as I reply  “I don’t knooow ” and promptly burst into tears… floods of them that I couldn’t get control of.  I left still sniveling and apologizing to this guy over and over. I am so embarrassed. I don’t make a habit of yelling my stoopid mouth off at complete strangers.

I have to rest… oh and apparently doctor says no more moving wardrobes.

Ali xX

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