As far as I’m concerned, there should be severe penalties for anyone even glancing in the direction of the Christmas decorations before the start of Advent/ December. I can’t cope with the way the “holiday season” seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Decorations on the shop shelves in November I can tolerate, but this year my earliest recorded sighting was in August. AUGUST?  You can’t be serious! Radio stations making the switch over to Christmas music in the first week of November… no no no. Every year I try to ignore anything vaguely Christmassy until my self imposed first of December marker. You’ll recall from this post that KM is not of this opinion. He’s been talking about xmas and the shopping lists, when we can put up the tree and all that pretty much daily since then. He is still so excited by Christmas it’s childlike and kind of cute. It’s so important to him to give us a good Christmas that it’s unfortunate that this year his excitement has not been as infectious as previous years.

I’m so Bah Humbug this year, I depress myself lol. I think it has to do with college – with studying, volunteering, reading everything I can related to midwifery and the dreaded university application, Christmas hasn’t really been high on my list of priorities. I hadn’t thought about it. Well, that’s my excuse I’m using anyway.

Today I caved. We went to the local garden center and are now the proud owners of a Serbian Spruce, still alive and growing in its pot, destined to be decorated as the official 2009 Christmas tree of our household. We have all the ingredients: the sparkly lights, pretty pretty glittery baubles and even a small Santa Claus. Oh and the Chrstimas Elephant – a feature of our tree since we first celebrated the season together. KM is bursting with excitement now that we’re staying home and spending Christmas together for only the fourth time in our 8 years together. Benji was even joining in the fun “helping” to decorate the tree.

I’m just…  meh… not feeling it. Maybe KM has enough excitement for the both of us right now… hoping my dose of festive cheer turns up soon though.

Ali xX

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