Back in June, not to long after I had been to a midwifery open day at a local university and deciding I was going to seriously pursue midwifery as a vocation but a little while before I was confident enough of my decision to talk about it in public, I was looking for advice – perhaps someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy and certainly people who felt the same draw to the profession that I was feeling.  It’s only natural, I think, when contemplating such a change in the direction of your life to seek out others who are travelling the same road a little ahead of you. I stumbled onto and there I found a warm welcome and a wealth of encouraging advice. I’ve been on this forum ever since and would definitely recommend it to any midwife wannabe, especially if you’re facing the daunting prospect of trying to secure a place to study here in the UK.  I’ve leaned so much. I got answers to my oh so many questions and whether my application this year is successful or not this lovely group of ladies will be there with some cyber love and support.

I jumped at the chance to attend their Xmas party because, let’s face it,I don’t get out much. Well, not with other women anyways. I’ve never been the kind of girl who has a ton of female friends and the ones I do have don’t live close by. So, in reality, my social circle consists of me + KM and while he has been known to put on a skirt (don’t ask 😛 ) Feminine he is NOT. That, and with us both currently seeking work and at home a LOT of the time, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that the time apart is good for our sanity.

What a great night! I was understandably nervous venturing out on my own to spend an evening with a group of 40 some women I had never met but I had such a blast. So wonderful to talk face to face with people who share my dream I could have talked till sunrise and laughed myself silly in the process. Can’t wait till next year…..

Are you planning any awsome Christmas parties ?

Ali xX

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