Time to give….

Exciting volunteering opportunities are coming my way and I feel so lucky to be given these experiences. I have been doing a 4 hour shift each week on the Delivery Suite. I won’t be intruding on anyone actually giving birth of course because that would be insensitive and I’m sure it would make me rather uncomfortable if I was the lady in labour. I mostly make tea and toast for couples who have just delivered and spend my time with the health care assistants restocking rooms, photocopying and any other little tasks that can be of use including keeping the staff room somewhat tidy. I’m loving it and learning so much. I find myself putting all of these supplies away and hoping the day will come when I know what all this stuff is used for.

It’s really brought home to me how much of an emotional rollercoaster midwifery is.  Things change so fast. It’s not that I didn’t know this before, but it’s different when you experience it. It hasn’t turned me off the career – in fact far from it, but it has made me consider things that never would have occurred to me before as well as made me think a lot more about myself and how I could cope in these situations. Sometimes I find I’m stronger than I expected. Others events show me what I still need to work on.  I’m not saying midwives have to be perfect, but I have a feeling that they do at least need to be aware of where their own strengths and weaknesses are and what they can do to make sure that a the woman comes first and always receives the support she needs.

In the New Year I’m going to be starting a second shift with the Infant Feeding Team at the hospital in their Breast Feeding Support drop-in clinic. I can’t wait  I know the hospital in currently going for baby friendly status promoting breast feeding. I know there will be a lot for me to learn. It’s not something I’ve done before.  A new challenge for the New Year.

Ali xX

One thought on “Time to give….

  1. That’s so great! You remind me of myself. I love to learn more things about nursing and I always think what I would do or what I wouldn’t do. You’re an inspiration! Thank you for writing about your journey!

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