Going for it …

It is done… The university application is GONE.  I honestly feel a ton of weight off my shoulders. I’ve had to refrain from writing about this for a couple of weeks because I would have been running the serious risk of saying some things I regret on the internets, so shoot me. We are all capable of a spew it all out rant filled less with rational thought and more with raw emotion. Combine a frustrating situation with the hormonal hell I have found myself in for the past week or so and I can tell you the results are not pretty and definitely not something I want out in public.  Off-loading of that emotional magnitude is reserved for those friends that love – me faults an all – and know me well enough not to take me too seriously. I can count these few on the fingers of one hand and I don’t envy them.

I’d already been made a little uncomfortable with the fact that I didn’t seem able to get some feedback on my personal statement from my tutor that I finally decided to submit the form without her approval. Since then, I’ve been waiting for an academic reference from college. In the end I waited almost 4 weeks. I know tutors are busy – they have a lot of students, most of whom are applying through this same process and all of whom need a similar reference. Usually the college takes around two weeks to get this item written. I tried hard to submit mine well before the college deadline so as not to get caught up in the crowd, but I accept teachers are busy and delays are normal and not a spiteful attempt by anyone to affect my application

Lack of communication: that’s the thing that’s really been getting under my skin. All I wanted to do to begin with was make sure that my form had been received and the tutor was aware that my reference had to be submitted. But after a couple of weeks of unanswered emails and not getting information from a polite question after class, knowing that interview dates are passing by and other applicants are already getting offers… I was worried sick. At this point I just wanted some acknowledgement of my concerns and a vague idea of when I could expect my reference to be completed. I became so frustrated that nobody seemed to know what was going on and no single person would take any responsibility for finding out. After being reduced to tears by the attitude of some lady on the phone who seemed to think I was being unreasonable for asking questions despite the fact I’d already paid them my application fee. Oh and I’m only studying with them in the first place with the end goal of going to university. With the deadline of the college closing for Christmas, I was no longer prepared to worry about this all over Christmas waiting to see if anything would happen in January… being passed from pillar to post.

Persistence pays off.  I got my form submitted – done at 11.30 am with the college office shutting its doors at 12 noon for the holidays. Ahhhh breathe a huuge sigh of relief.  So I can relax and let go of this thing because I won’t hear anything now till the New Year and there’s nothing more I can do.  I do feel bad for ruffling some feathers at college, but I just wanted to be able to put this out of my mind. That’s not to much to ask is it?

Did I mention my form is Gooooone!! I’m an official midwifery applicant. YAY. 🙂

Ali xX

2 thoughts on “Going for it …

  1. Good for you sweetie! Sounds like what I’ve been through with financial aid. It’s frustrating when all you want is a question or two answered.

    Maybe this will help lift your spirits. Good for you for getting it done and a big HUGE congratulations!

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