Wish upon a star.

Snooooow!! It’s white,  it’s cold, it’s falling from the sky… ooooo so its pretty. It has me singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” (out of tune) and giggling.

I was already starting to feel better this Christmas Eve Eve. Been out shopping. We have everything we need for Christmas plus  a few little treats  and I’m not saying I’m over my issues from the other day, but its getting easier and I’m looking forward to a nice day on the 25th.

Then this happened. Weeeeeee!! I’ve been wanting snow for months – oh since about the first time Gadget Guy started grumbling about how awful it is because he has far too much of the stuff. It makes for wonderful pictures. Totally ❤ his neighborhood lol. I’ve been pleading with him to send me some snow, not that he has any control over these things but ya know …

We can’t remember the last time we had snow here. We’re right on the coast. It never usually gets cold enough and if we do get a few flakes it never actually stays on the ground. I’m from Scotland, though. They get snow up there and I have missed it. I flung my front door open to rush out and enjoy. Love the crunch crunch crunch of fresh unspoiled snow. To be outside when it’s still falling is just magical.

Perhaps some kind of sign? A Christmas miracle?  I can hear my friend yelling GLOBAL WARMING!  but I couldn’t not feel Christmassy out there in the snow tonight  I got my wish ….. We have SNOW.

Ali xX

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