Book challenge!

Way back in this post I joined Kristin’s Book Challenge 2009 and set myself the target of reading 36 books in 2009 – 12 non fiction and 6 non fiction. I was about ready to write a big fat Fail post thinking I’d come nowhere close to this target and as you will see I did fail in the respect that I never did keep my “I’m Reading” page up to date. It’s had the same book posted all year, a book that I never did quite finish. The style of writing kind of bothered me and I think I only read about 80%, so given that I had no record of things, I spent this morning digging out all the books I HAD read this year because I knew there were some (KM and Benji were both looking rather confused at me running round the house pulling random things out of all the different nooks and crannies that books live in this place. The results where a pleassent surprise, I have to admit. Here’s my reading list for the year:

Non fiction (this, I have realized, is not actually all the non fiction stuff I’ve read, but I intended this category to be text books/self help books etc.)

Spiritual Midwifery – Ina May Gaskin

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May

Result: FAIL. Yep nowhere near the 6 books goal I had set myself. I have dipped in and out of several other books but these are the only two I read cover to cover. Most of the midwifery things I read come in journal form anyway, so I’m not upset with myself because I have been reading. One thing that does bother me though is that I didn’t get to any of the PCOS books I had planned to and I want to make more of an effort with that in 2010.


Narrow Dog to Indian River – Terry Darlington (80% finished. May attempt again in 2010 )

The light in the window – June Goulding

A midwife’s story – Penny Armstrong

Her Own Rules – Barbara Talyor Bradford

A Dog Year – Jon Katz

One Dog at a Time – Pen Farthing

Kitchen Confidential – Antony Bourdain

Embracing Eternity- Tony Stockwell

Call the Midwife – Jennifer Worth

Shadows of the Workhouse – Jennifer Worth

Farewell to the East End – Jenifer Worth

Confessions of a She -Fan – Jane Heller

Baby Catcher – Peggy Vincent

Result: SUCESS!! I read my twelve without even really trying.  Go Me! Also, I don’t read much actual fiction and it turns out I have a much wider range of topics than I first thought. I did not, however, read many travel adventures and that surprised me.

So, overall, I failed miserably to get to my Book Challenge goal of 36 books BUT I did at least achieve my Master Plan goal of reading a book a month. Seen as I failed to read my 36, I’m going to declare that number will remain as my goal for the Book challenge 2010. However, I don’t think I’m going to include text books this time as I seem to dip in and out more and not read them from cover to cover. I’m hoping I can get a head start in the first part of the year as, if I get into university (fingers crossed!), I’ll have A LOT of reading to do at that point and I have the feeling that reading for pleasure won’t feature much on the agenda. This year I will – I WILL – keep my I’m reading page updated.

Head on over to Kristin’s to check out the other participants in Book Challenge 2010.

And wish me luck lol.

Ali xX

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