2009 in review.

New Year and time to reassess. So, I’ve pulled the main points from the Master Plan I wrote back at the beginning of this blog in February so I can take a look at how I did. Hopefully this will help with the task of writing a NEW Master Plan for 2010.

Remember the plan was in two parts: “Get a Grip” and “Get a Life”.  “Get a Grip” was reserved for all the things I have to do – you know the things I should have been doing the whole time; the stuff that landed in a mess at the beginning of 2009, mostly to do with the health situation? Whereas “Get a Life” was reserved for the things I wanted to do – goals I wanted to achieve, hobbies I’d like to pursue – generally rebuilding my life. Re-injecting the FUN.

Here’s my assessment:

“Get a Grip”

  • First and most important, I must ask for help. CHECK – I’m getting better at this slowly!
  • Finish registering with the correct GP. CHECK – Done
  • I will write a list of all the issues I need to bring up before I go and I must make sure that they are talked about or further appointments are arranged to deal with my concerns. –  Well I wrote a list, further appointments didn’t happen, but I think I’m alright at the moment.
  • I will not feel bad for taking up the doctors’ time anymore. CHECK – I don’t.  I hate going to the doctor but I don’t feel bad about going anymore.
  • I will commit to my medication. – Yep I am more organized when I have stuff to take.
  • I will not be ashamed to take anti-depressant medication when I need it. – I don’t seem to need it. Been off them for over 6 months now!!
  • I will ask about resuming drug treatment for PCOS. CHECK – I asked, started Metformin, and then decided to stop again.
  • I will actually take my multi vitamin every day and will try adding evening primrose oil hopefully to fight the curse of mood swings. FAIL – I haven’t been taking my vitamin or evening primrose. I stopped when money got really tight and forgot to start up again.
  • I am going to find out about each drug I’m taking – read about it and make informed choices. N/A – not currently taking any.
  • I will take responsibility for my diet. Yup, cutting the junk food, adding more veg, cooking for myself more FAIL- Major Goal for 2010
  • I will ask for a referral to a dietician and read up on controlling PCOS and depression/anxiety through diet making changes accordingly – I asked for but was refused a referral to a dietician 😦
  • Fitness. Yes, this means the dreaded “E” word: exercise. I’m going to make an effort to find types of exercises that I enjoy and stick to them. – Well I found the Wii Fit. lol I DO enjoy it, but I score FAIL as I don’t stick to an exercise routine.
  • Weight. I want / need / must lose some. FAIL. – didn’t lose any this year.
  • I will state right now that I would only be open to weight loss surgery if and only if it was with a view to some type of fertility treatment and even then as a last resort. I’ve changed my mind on this – yep a complete 180. It’s now something I’m considering, perhaps I’ll write about it when I am ready to.
  • (Warning guys this may be TMI) I will keep a proper record of my moods, any symptoms, and any bleeding / periods  by writing them down – CHECK I do this thanks to Femilia.
  • I will actually set up a health journal. FAIL – Despite a lot of help from Gadget Guy who created a structured Diary for me. I’m having less problems right now though, so not much to write thankfully! I must make a note of issues though not just my cycle.

“Get a Life”

  • I will force myself to get better at keeping in touch with my friends. – Well I sort of am in touch with a few more people but this still needs MUCH improvement.
  • I will look for a job. CHECK – I have looked.  I had an interview and currently have a couple of applications in. Failed to find anything though 😦
  • I will do more things that I enjoy CHECK – I do so much more now period. I enjoy the majority of it.
  • Taking up my cross stitch again FAIL
  • Reading a book each month for pleasure CHECK – see book challenge post
  • Trying to see a movie at least once a month. FAIL – largely due to cost.
  • Maybe even going to the theatre (again money allowing). CHECK – Well we did see Mary Poppins this year – money does not allow often.
  • I will learn to cook more because I do enjoy it. FAIL – I have cooked more but not as much as I wanted to. I plan things but never get around to making them.
  • I may even try to find a theatre group to become involved in. After the Scareshow audition, I realized this is not really something I want to do right now. Hay a girl can change her mind.
  • I will go out everyday, even if it’s just for a short walk.  I will try to pay more attention to the world around me. FAIL – I don’t go out EVERYDAY but I am doing a whole lot better than I was when I first wrote my plan 🙂
  • I will beat the panic attacks for they are “STOOPID”, ANNOYING AND WRONG – CHECK!!!!!!! This is HUGE. I haven’t had a panic attack in months.
  • I will find out all I can about the country that I love (USA) – its culture, history, politics and people – with a particular interest in baseball of course. CHECK – I continue to learn things this year. Among other things I learned how to almost understand a football game… I continue to love the place.
  • I will take-on as many fact finding missions to this place of wonder as I can (afford) FAIL – Didn’t make it this year fingers crossed for 2010.
  • I will teach myself to take better pictures because they hold memories. CHECK – I did take more photos and I taught myself some (VERY very basic) Photoshop skills. My efforts were put on hold in early summer when I broke my camera and haven’t been able to replace it yet.

So, conclusions? I didn’t achieve EVERYTHING, but to be honest I’m happy and kind of proud of myself and the things I have done. I really feel like I’ve grown in 2009. I’m making choices now and taking control of my life. I’m even doing extra things that weren’t in the plan (college, volunteering for example). I have direction. I am a stronger person and I am determined to continue to build on that in the coming year.

Can’t stop now. I’m off to write the new plan…

Ali xX

2 thoughts on “2009 in review.

  1. You’ve done an amazing job with everything. I have an online friend who has had weight loss surgery and I’m sure she would be willing to talk to you about it if you are interested. Also, prepare to start cross-stitching again because I think I know how to get you to do that. Will get back to you on it.

  2. I can’t believe that they wouldn’t refer you to a dietician. I no longer have my notes from my NHS dietician visit but can summarise them for you – really it is basically a low GI diet that’s recommened for PCOS. The PCOS Diet book is a good start but the best help I found was using tesco diets online because I could create a meal plan from things I liked to eat and it would tell me how many calories the plan contained plus the GI etc, I got UTD quite quickly after following it (4-6 weeks) so don’t have that much data on actual weight loss but between that and my Wii Fit I was losing quite a bit. And god knows what actually made me ovulate that cycle, I was doing so much to improve my health and lifestyle but the diet can’t have hurt.

    I think you did pretty well, I’d be more dissapointed if you completed everything 🙂 Huge congrats on beating the panic attacks, I know how debilitating they can be 🙂

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