Remembered Show and Tell !

Oooooo I remembered this time! Can I rejoin the Show and Tell Circle after a couple of months away??


The story:  The other night after I came home from my mother’s and the house was freezing. I was talking to Gadget Guy at stoopid o’clock in the morning – this usually happens due to the time difference. We mostly talk when insomnia has come to spend the night with me. I was flipping out that night. We can’t really figure out if it was lack of sleep or relief at finally being home, but he spent most of the time laughing at me and I have very little recollection of anything I said. I was whining because my toes were sooo cold I could barely feel them (a fairly usual complaint from me). Gadget Guy was teasing and laughing at me for having puny little socks that aren’t capable of keeping anything warm (I am a trainer sock fan – the ones that barely get to your ankle). I can’t help it. I don’t like socks much and I’m notorious amongst my mates for my inability to hold onto matching pairs of the things. Gadget Guy concluded that I MUST go out and buy some pairs the following day to save my poor little toes. You know: those thick white sports socks. That’s what he was on about “it’s not about being cute or sexy, its about keeping warm!”  I could just hear him rolling his eyes at me lol.

BUT… I do as I’m told… respect your elders and all that (woooo he’s not gonna like that!  Edit: Gadget Guy here… you guessed that right… elders… bah!) So the next day I determined I’d find the most ridiculous pair of socks that fulfill his only demand that they HAVE to cover at least 1-2 inches above my ankle. I thought I was doing well with the purple stripey things above knee highs!!! But then… I found these babies: Rainbow toe socks! I have to say I seem to recall a friend of mine having some and I may have joked about them a lot … because they ARE crazy … but I have to take it back because they are also really cozy and more comfortable than I would have thought.

And when I saw what was underneath I may have laughed out loud… JACKPOT!

Happy socks to keep Gadget Guy … and my toes happy!

It turns out this post was pretty well timed because Kim just opened her list for the Winter Sock It to Me Event. I can’t wait to take part, as I just missed out last time. Go on over and read all about it, sign up before you check out what the rest of the class is sharing this week.

Ali xX

9 thoughts on “Remembered Show and Tell !

  1. Oh how I hate the toe socks! My toes are the only part of me that are universally social – they cannot be separated! They hate being alone. They must be with the other toes at all times.

    I love the purple stripe knee socks though! I have been buying cashmere knee socks for the last couple years, and they keep my always chilly feet nice and toasty. I just bought some that are fluorescent orange (and brown and cream) argyle.

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