Master plan 2010

Here it is: the Master plan for 2010!

I’m keeping the plan broken into the same two categories that I used last year:  “Get a Grip” and “Get a Life”.  “Get a Grip” will be reserved for all the things I have to do. “Get a Life” will be reserved for the things I want to do – goals I want to achieve, hobbies I’d like to pursue – generally rebuilding my life. Having more fun.

“Get a Grip”

  • I will aim to have NO panic attacks in 2010 by becoming more aware of when I’m anxious and learning ways to cope better with these feelings.
  • Continue to work on asking for help when I need it.
  • Establish proper weekly and monthly routines for housework
  • Swear only when absolutely necessary
  • In 2010 I will actually take my multi vitamin every day and will try adding evening primrose oil hopefully to fight the curse of mood swings.
  • If I have to take medication this year I am going to find out about each drug I’m taking – read about it and make informed choices.
  • I will TRY HARDER to take responsibility for my diet. Yup, cutting the junk food, adding more veg, cooking for myself all the things I  meant to do in 2009
  • Develop and stick to an exercise routine where I USE my Wii Fit regularly aiming to lose some weight.
  • Do some serious research about weight loss surgery.
  • I will continue to keep a proper record of my moods, any symptoms, and any bleeding / periods using Femilia.
  • I will actually fill out my health journal to investigate my theory that its severe PMS that is affecting my life in a debilitating way.
  • I will get myself off benefit before 2011 whether by finding a job or going back to university.

“Get a Life”

  • I will get better at keeping in touch with my friends. This still needs MUCH improvement.
  • Taking up my cross stitch again
  • Read more for pleasure complete my book challenge goal of 36 books this year.
  • Trying to see a movie at least once a month
  • Go to the theatre more (money allowing).
  • Make a real effort to cook more and to remember how much I enjoy it.
  • I will go out most days, even if it’s just for a short walk.  I will try to pay more attention to the world around me
  • Continue to learn all I can about the USA – its culture, history, politics and people.
  • Aim to follow the baseball season more closely this year. Can you believe I missed the 2009 World Series? The YANKEES WON  🙂
  • Travel to the USA this year EVEN if it’s only for a long weekend.
  • I will replace my camera and continue my efforts to become a better photographer.
  • Update my blog more often and comment more.
  • Do three things this year I’ve never done before.


I’m only human. I can’t promise that I will stick to all of it all of the time, but I will try my best and I will not give up. Feel free to comment / question but lets keep it polite!

Ali xX

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