Can I have a word … about adverse weather conditions.

Am I the only one who finds the UK’s inability to deal with adverse weather conditions ridiculous and a little embarrassing?

Tuesday I woke up to a light covering of snow! I love snow. No really… and we don’t get to see it to often here on the Wirral. In fact, I can’t remember when. The last time there was snow that actually stayed on the ground was when we got our first snow just before Christmas. I was so excited. I went to my usual four hour shift volunteering at a hospital across the water in Liverpool. Getting there was a nightmare in itself. I bought my usual day ticket which should get me all the way to hospital and home again. The bus was of course running late but I can handle that:  it was snowing. When I arrived in Liverpool it became clear that the bus company wasn’t running its usual service up to the hospital. Rather odd, I thought, given that there was literally just a dusting of snow on the ground. The roads were pretty much ok. Anyways, no big deal. I bought my second ticket and arrived at the hospital about 30 minutes late.

The snow kept falling. I was enjoying watching it from the staff room windows as I was taking down the Christmas tree and packing it away, ready for someone to find next December. A lot of the staff had not made it into work and things were perhaps a little stretched. There was a shortage of bed linen and baby blankets because the hospitals laundry is outsourced and the delivery hadn’t been able to get through. We were all vearing from “oh my isn’t this pretty” … “I’ve never seen it like this before” to “OMG I am not sleeping here tonight” … “how am I going to get home??” People around here don’t have too much experience driving in snow and stories abound of crashes and people slipping off the roads. Some moterways by us were closed, the news informed us. That’s going to make you nervous. By about 2 pm it became clear I was going to have to leave early to stand a chance of getting home on public transport. At this point we’re talking maybe 2 – 3 inches on the ground. The office where I sign out was shut as the occupants having already gone home due to “adverse weather conditions”.  Parents were getting calls (from their kids not the schools!) as all over the region schools were shutting down. Announcements were made on the radio/TV, which is not much help if you work in a hospital and are by and large far to busy to even think about TV.  I repeat 2-3 inches! All the buses had stopped. There was only one way left to get safely across the river Mersey and that’s pray that the trains are still running and thank my lucky stars that I brought my purse with me today because I usually don’t. An hour of queuing later, I finally have a ticket and make it into the relative warmth of the underground station. There is no information on train times and all I’m hearing about are cancellations. Another hour wait just for a train going in the right direction and I’m hoping you’ll agree with me. This is REDICULOUS! 2- 3 inches people!!!

The train was so packed people can hardly breathe. A lady not too far from me is screaming that her baby is being squashed and falling fast into an all out panic attack “GET ME OFF THE TRAIN. I JUST WANT TO GET OFF!!!” Did anyone wait? Nope.  She waited two stops before we were able to get her out and onto the platform clutching this small child. I would have got off with her to check she was ok but I couldn’t move even if I tried. As it was I barely got out in time at my own stop after much shouting that hay there is someone here who needs out. I’m only 5 foot 1 and I’m not joking when I say I spent that journey unable to see sandsquwished between some guys crotch and some dudes tits… being short is a pain in the ass!

I left the hospital at 2pm and made it home about 5.45pm. Our local council has run out of grit/salt, so none of the roads by are being treated at all. Schools have been closed since Tuesday. Universities are closed till Monday. There’s been no postal deliveries (caused by weather or strike action… I dunno which).  It’s a nightmare! KM is holding me captive because he’s convinced if I go out I’m going to break my neck.

2-3 inches!!!!!!!!  Do we need to rethink something … I THINK SO!  How are we running out of grit!? It’s not like we get snow that often.

This is about the third year now that the UK or parts of it have been shut down by “the wrong type of snow”. Perhaps we need to think about a PLAN to deal with it??!  People all over the world must be looking over here and laughing themselves silly at all the panic. And I wouldn’t blame them. It’s stoopid.

I havn’t even been able to take pictures or make a snowman *pout*

Cabin fever!

Ali xX

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