Ali Trivia or …..My100 things

The lovely Kirsten asked me for some Ali trivia that and I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today. I guess I got carried away lol.

1. I have 1 sibling – my younger brother

2. I went to playgroup in Dutch and primary school in French I still speak Good French… but can’t remember any Dutch

3. I learn to take a flight unaccompanied before I ever did a bus or train

4. I went to boarding school in Scotland from age 13. Uh huh I spent my teenage years in isolation 😛

5. I got drunk for the first time on a drama course in Oxford when a bouncer let me into a night club age 15… I started smoking on that course too.

6. The hardest question you can ask me is… where are you from?

7. I wear UK size 6 heels almost EVERYWHERE despite having screwed up knees… yes I already know I’m stoopid about this.

8. The best gift I was ever given was three roses – 1 velvet red and 2 white (white roses are my favorite flower :))

9. I’m terrified that when I die nobody will miss me

10. I’m stubborn to a fault… and I find it REALLY HARD to ask for other people’s help.

11. I’m a cuddle slut… Always want to hug people

12. My accent changes all the time depending on who I’m talking to… and I have NO control over it

13. One day I will have a boob job

14. I dream of traveling round America for at least a year and writing a book about it.

15. The only sport I’ve ever loved is baseball… I really feel like nothing bad could happen to me inside a ballpark (ok aside from serious embarrassment if my team gets crushed 😛 )

16. My team is the New York Yankees.

17. I’m trying to learn the rules for American football (making some progress.) I guess I like the Chicago Bears ‘cause they guy who’s teaching me does 😛

18. I have dyslexia and can’t spell or punctuate at all… I muddle words up sometimes even when I’m talking.

19. I truly believe monogamy is overrated (cue I hate you comments now 😛 )

21. I was in the Army – the Cadet Corps – for 4 years and loved the time I spent on base at Cadet camp

22. I love target shooting… I’m an awful shot but its the best PMS relief (not a fan of lax gun laws though).

23. I have soo much respect for anyone serving their country. I wish I could have done it

24. I’ve suffered from insomnia since my early teens

25. I believe people are too quick to use the words love and hate

26. I’ve been in a car crash

27. I can’t stand the feel of butter and also granules of salt or sugar… they make me want to scream

28. Horror movies give me nightmares

29. I remember a lot of dreams… mostly they make no sense whatsoever.

30. I’m not sure I trust anyone completely

31. I’m a water baby… love it… everything from oceans fountains and lakes… to pools, hot tubs, showers even just a running tap.

32. I could not live without my bubble bath (see above)

33. I freak out on see-through flooring… even if it’s not that high

34. I associate songs and even places with specific events or people in my life.

35. I have awful mood swings… I admit it… I’m sorry

36. Sometimes I feel scared and I don’t know why

37. I can’t drive

38. If you’re yelling at me, I’m not listening… really; my brain just shuts off…even if you have a legitimate reason to be raising your voice

39. One of my best friends parents call me “Adopted One”… I love them like parents

40. I was born 6 weeks premature… on my grandparents wedding anniversary… Gotta make an entrance 😛

41. I don’t care if your hawt… you HAVE to be able to make me laugh

42. People who make me laugh so much I can’t breathe: Eddie Izzard & Billy Connolly

43. I’M HIGH MAINTINACE may as well own up to it.

44. I’ve been brought up to always have a valid passport (also used to have an ID card in Belgium)

45. Judi Dench is one of my role models. I also love Audrey Hepburn.

46. I drank way too much in my teens… I was a teetotaler for 5 years in my 20’s

47. Guys who spit are the worst… guys who burp proudly are a close second (that would be most of them apparently :S)

48. I love to dance and sing when nobody is watching/listening. I can’t hold a tune to save a life.

49. I’ve had my handbag stolen twice and my house broken into once

50. The police carried out a drug raid on my house because they had the wrong address for someone else… they broke in and found me topless

51. I would love to go around the world in 80 days

52. Even though I only went a few times, the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium touched my heart… I cried my eyes out when it closed and I still don’t feel like going to the new one.

53. I’ve only been to one music concert in my life… it was HIM.

54. I’m named Alison after my dad’s mum who died years before I was born. My dads father died before my time too… I wish I knew more about them.

55. I’m a Leo… I totally fit the type

56. Even though I think voting should be compulsory, I’ve never voted in a general election

57. I have a box of chocolate under my bed

58. I’m a city girl at heart

59. I don’t drink coffee… but I have been known to hold someone else’s coffee so I can smell it

60. I still want to smoke when I get really upset… but I only actually light up when I get WAY TOO drunk

61. I don’t order steak in the UK ‘cause I’m almost always disappointed… medium rare people!

62. I moved at least once a year from the ages of 13 to 24

64. Most of my belongings are still in boxes stored with various relatives

63. I’ve worked as a debt collector

64. I used to refuse to eat any dairy products… I still can’t drink milk

65. When I was younger I hated chocolate… I SWEAR its true

66. I refuse to wear gold jewelry of any kind… bad memories

67. When I was little, my family called me the Princess of Wails. :S

68. They also called me The Little Mommy ‘cause I looooved my dolls and “helping” look after my younger cousins

69. When my parents brought my brother home from the hospital I told my mum to take him back because I wanted the baby in the crib next door

70. I’ve dyed my hair black and purple before… sometimes I feel like doing it again.

71. I write stories… I rarely share them

72. At 27 I sometimes feel that I am already running out of time

73. I laugh so hard I cry often… I cry a lot to. Blame the hormones.

74. I had my first crush on Harrison Ford (uh huh I’m blushing) I’ve had many others since… duh.

75. I used to get woken up with kisses… *sigh*

76. I don’t do mornings … people that do should be warned about 35 and stay away.

77. I LOVE Disney but had my trips to Disney World ruined and am too scared to go back. (Favorite Disney movie is Cinderella – it’s about shoes :P)

78. I spent my 18th birthday on stage and pulling an all-nighter at the after show party… it was crazy. I couldn’t of had it any better (it might kill me if I did it again though).

79. I flew across the Atlantic on my own to see someone I met online. Nope I don’t regret it.

80. I hate HATE HATE anything FAKE GRAPE flavor

81. I get addicted to home makeover shows in a whyyyyyyyy can’t I stop watching??!! way

82. I have a goddaughter… she’s amazing and a godson who I have lost touch with

83. I want a Green Card more than anything. The USA is the place I come closest to feeling “At Home”

84. When I’m sick I watch chick flick after chick flick… and endless episodes of Bewitched. Yup I own DVD’s

85. I love fireworks, pyro and flames

86. I’ve been in a women’s prison for a day. (I was giving a drama workshop)

87. Several people have saved my life

88. I wore a patch over my eye for a few months when I was in my first year of school

89. I was an angel in my nativity play

90. I wish adults were allowed on bouncy castles

91. When I was young, I never wanted to wear trousers… I wore dresses with matching sun hats most days

92. I spent too much time growing up watching my brother play football (this would be the soccer type)  as a result I don’t like the sport but I DO understand the offside rule

93. I’m allergic to pink. My favorite color is purple

94. I think you’re not really British if you don’t like QUEEN. Freddie Mercury was a legend

95. Big Harry Potter fan.

96. I can’t turn vegetarian because I’d have to give up bacon

97. I want a Las Vegas story even though the place scares me to death

98. Really digging the power ballad. I love Bon Jovi. L.O.V.E. (I have quite a wide taste in music but I can’t cope with Rap, Reggae or Opera…sorry)

99. I hardly ever watch my own TV. Instead I watch Gadget Guy’s through the magic of the internet and his gadgety brilliance. This means my Favorite shows are usually American ones they include: Friends, No Reservations , The Amazing Race, Ace of cakes, Pushing Daisies, Dancing with the Stars and Castle.

100. YESSS I keep secrets… and that’s all I have to say about that.

There we go ..  Did ya make it to the end ? 🙂

Ali xX

4 thoughts on “Ali Trivia or …..My100 things

  1. 9. I would miss you!!!
    11. Greatest term EVAR! I think I will steal that saying!
    13. Me too! Wonder if we can get a BOGO deal on boob jobs?
    18. I have mathmatical dyslexia. Words don’t bother me but numbers flip flop on my ass.
    24. Ditto, hun. I say we gang up and kick insomnias ass!
    25. Agreed! Love is so overused that I made up a new one so my hubby understands how strongly I feel for him. Curfluffles. That way it’s not an automatic response. I have to think before I say it.
    42. Eddie is the shit!
    50. OMG you HAVE to write a full post about THAT one!
    55. I guessed this one around item #10. We are a lot alike!
    63. Now we can never be friends!
    83. I’ll marry you and get you your Greencard! That would rock! Then we could do #97 together!

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