Show and Tell

Joining the show and tell circle this week and I thought I’d celebrate my 200th post (yeah that’s counting all my little quotes but so what 😛 ) by taking part in Reproductive Jeans’ very cool “Blog You Very Much” which asks us to take a moment and thank that person who started you blogging.

So I have to say thank you to the guy hanging around in the background here; you guys can blame him for the fact that I started writing and even for the fact that I continue to do so. Yep, you know him as Gadget Guy but he’s actually Michael from over at It took me a couple of years to learn which way round that E + A go and apparently I still mess it up when I get pissed. Aherm anyway… I met the guy back before I knew what a blog or a podcast was. He had both at the time: the Mundane Mid-Life Show is the podcast companion piece to his blog. He wrote about normal everyday happenings, but as I giggled my way through his archives it surprised me how much of his positive if sometimes a lil grumpy character came across in his writing. After I quizzed him about it, he introduced me to Dooce, cuteoverload, cakewrecks and a few others. I really didn’t have much support in my real life at the time. I was quite lonely and suffering depression. I started this blog just as a way to kick myself back into shape, to have some place to put all my ramblings, to work things out by writing about them. I bet when he spell checked those first few posts he didn’t think this new “project”  would last more than a few weeks, (EDIT Gadget Guy here… in all honesty, I thought Ali was and still is doing great… and I was hoping that she would go for a few years… don’t think I ever told her that, though…) but here we are almost a year later an he’s still checking my posts most nights BUT he’s not writing over at his own bloggy home so how about ya all go over there and kick some Gadget Guy butt ‘cause I miss my giggles.

I have to say thank you to two others who keep me blogging:  they are always passing by to leave me bloggy comments, hugs and encouragement. Love these ladies’ writings. Kirsten inspires me all the time with her stitching posts filled with wonderful creations that make me truly ashamed I haven’t found time to take up cross stitch again… yet. Beautiful Mess is acing school on her way to becoming a kick ass nurse.  She could use some good juju as she calls it. Looks like she’s heading for surgery on her hand 😦 If you don’t already read these guys, what are you waiting for 😛 Thank you both for the wise words 🙂

Ok that’s it…  thank you…  soppiness is over… move along… noting to see here …

3 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. CONGRATS ON YOUR AWARD AND 200 POSTS! Way to go, love!You should count your quotes and blurbs, you posted them!

    Thanks for the love. I really appreciate it and YOU! I must be an emotional mess, that almost made me cry ;o)

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