Lessons from a power squid.

Let’s talk for a second about my Power Squid.  Yah, I know, you’re thinking “it’s a multi socket adapter… yawn… do we have to?” But I’m using it as an example that sometimes simple things can make a big difference. For example, now there is a chance that I actually know where my cell phone is and have it charged up because I have a socket I can plug that pesky charger into without having to unplug something higher up the electrical hierarchy in my meager little life. The power in my room is totally gone, so I only get things working at all by running an extension cable from another room, so you’ll understand that available power outlets were in short supply. In fact, for months I was only able to plug in the PC and monitor which was a pain in the butt because the only way I can listen to the radio is on the pc. Seen as I had no plug for speakers, whenever I wanted to listen I was tied to the PC by the umbilical cord attached to my headset. Ahhhh… but now, since a friend sent me “the squid”… now I am free to do OTHER things while the music is playing; get on with housework or reading or… I am no longer constantly distracted by the computer and radio personalities that make me laugh. Now music is almost always playing and that makes me H.A.P.P.Y. You’ll have to ask KM and Benji how they feel about the addition out of tune singing they are subject to.  Prime example of how little things – trivial things – make a difference to our mood or quality of life.

I’ve been thinking about this ever since this friend passed me a link to said squid as a way to solve my attached to PC problem, but I flushed bright red – my face warm – and I was forced to mumble that I couldn’t afford it, at which point he went ahead posted me one. I was grateful but it made me feel bad to admit that I didn’t have even a few quid available to me. I’m not the only one on a low income and I’m sadly still on benefit, so I am not complaining about that. I’m grateful for what I receive and the truth is I’m in a relatively good position. We don’t currently pay rent, but we are living hand to mouth each month.

When i told my friend “I can’t afford it” its not that I can’t afford it as in “I don’t have the money in the budget”, its more “I can’t afford it right now.” It’s a cash flow issue I have.   The problem is though that this piece of equipment is so small and trivial that when pay day… well when money comes around, I’ve plain forgot that I even need one.

Why is I only think about the little things when I’m at the end of the month without two pennies to rub together? And how much happier would I be if I had a place to write these things so that when cash was available I could deal with these things? Could it be that the fact that I am, by nature, a much disorganized person is a major source of irritation and unhappiness?

Did I mention it came padded with bubble wrap? My singing sounds ohhh so much better since it is now accompanied by the pop pop popping … weeeeee!

Simple things ..

Simple things....

Ali xX

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