American on purpose.

First of all, The Late Late Show is one of my favorite things that is regularly recorded on Gadget Guy’s TiVo. This guy makes me laugh till my sides hurt and I’m begging for mercy. He is the best bullshit artist I’ve ever seen, From Scotland like me AND he actually got US citizenship… uh huh… fell in love with the US in his teens LIKE ME… dude might be my new idol! I knooooooow I just had to get a hold of this book.

If your expecting a laugh a minute, a tale that’s an extension of the show that you’re used to, you better put this thing down and walk away now. This is a gritty, dirty, messy story of a Glasgow lad’s journey from rags to riches past the killer duck acid trip and through the selfish self inflicted misery of the hell that is alcoholisms. Put bluntly, Craig Ferguson is a talented jammie wee bastard. He’s gawd dam lucky and he knows it.

I found his style of writing as easy to read as his nightly monologues are to listen to, even if the subject matter was often more gruesome. You have to admit the guy’s grew balls in his old age. Not the macho bullshit kind, but the genuine dragged himself through rehab by his bootlaces, stayed sober despite the odds and achieved his own personal American dream through a combination of  luck, talent, hard work and Scottish charm. His capacity to fall deeply and hopelessly in love may have saved him several times, but the great love affair that permeates the pages is the one between him and his adopted country. American On Purpose. He most defiantly is a choice made out of a genuine allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and the republic for which it stands. This is something we most definitely share.  He is able to put into words the odd sense of lost I’ve felt ever since I left New Jersey in 1999: “Like many people who come to New York to live and leave before they really want to, I spent the next 3 or 4 years with the vague feeling that there was a party going on somewhere and I was not at it.”  I still feel this way but I could never explain it before. The book is towards the end a love letter to the land of the free written by a man who seems relieved he is finally fully accepted in a place he felt he belonged all along. His eyes are open to all the good things many Americans may take for granted as their birthright. His pursuing US citizenship is the ultimate form of flattery and you should feel as good about it as he does.

Craig himself says that his heart may be Scottish but his soul is American, which means “between safety and adventure: I chose adventure.”

That feels about right to me

Like him I am Scottish by birth and I dearly hope one day to become American… on purpose.

Ali xX

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