Dreams are made of this.

Heather over at Geek by Marriage has me so beat when it comes to crazy dreams. Go see and give her masses of support and bloggy love as she tries to quit smoking because she’s doing GREAT. Just so she doesn’t feel like the only one whose head is doing flips while she’s asleep, let me share what I just woke up from:

I’m based in this big fancy hotel with different conference rooms, corridors and floors that all look the same while there I’m apparently dressed like a secretary who at the very least wants to be naughty with her boss and for some reason I have black hair.

In one conference room I’m trying to run a campaign to elect a senator who I’ve never met in a state I’ve never been too… lots of people on phones all yelling at me “I called my mum – she’s gonna vote”.  The room is filled with bunting and red white and blue balloons I have to wade through in my heels.

In another conference room I’m supposed to be attending a relationship counseling seminar where the guy taking it is really hawt and he’s trying to teach me the difference between a platonic relationship and a lustful one. At some point he got into a practical demonstration and the relationship he was showing off on stage at the front of this room was far from platonic…

I’m also trying to run a bath for myself in a hotel room that isn’t mine but has a big ass bath. The room is on a different floor to mine but the doors have keys that look exactly the same (kind of car key style not card keys) and seen as I can’t tell them apart, I have to keep running downstairs to ask the receptionist which is which.

At some point I’m walking through the lobby and I find out that the mystery senator has passed away mid campaign and I respond “how inconvenient” (really sensitive there Ali nice going) then I get in the lift to go check on my rising bath water and I’m in there with both the hawt guy I’ve just watched screw his wife and the late senator’s widow. The ride up to my floor seems to take forever. Nobody is talking. It’s all über awkward.

When I get to the “bathroom”, I find I’m too late: the bath has overflowed and caused the ceiling to cave in. I’m looking through a hole in the floor at the huge bath in the middle of the lobby and some very shocked people looking up at me.

Nuts, I know. The worst bit is I wake up and spend some time afterwards in a sleepy confused haze trying to figure out which bits are real and which are fake. I have to keep repeating to myself “it was a DREAM… you can quit stressing about it all now… it’s not real.” LOL.

And the moral of this tale is… I should not drink too much Coke just before bedtime.

Ali xX

4 thoughts on “Dreams are made of this.

  1. Gawd, that’s an awesome dream! You def. have me beat there! Stupid Senator up and dying on you!
    Mmmmm hawt guy lovin’!!! With your eyes I bet you looked MEGA SUPER HAWT with black hair!!!!

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