School’s out !

I sit here writing next to a pile of completed college assignments which are all done dusted and ready to hand in tomorrow … school’s out for summer!  woot wooot 😀  I swear I can almost here the Hallelujah Chorus looking at the 6 Assignments I’ve completed in the last week. YES 6! I literally got buried under a pile of biology topics as my tutor realized exactly how much she hadn’t covered that we still needed to be assessed on … We were left on our own at the end there… pretty much… except that every time I would go to school I would get handed yet another task to add to my heaving to do list. You get kinda sick of that after a while.  I burnt my fingertips last Monday on a Bunsen burner flame as I was attempting to grow an E-coli culture. Yeah, I know… stupid right? They stung like a bitch! lol Proud of myself for  A) not dropping the  E-coli bacteria all over the floor B) keeping my language family friendly (BIG achievement for me in these circumstances) and C) completing my assignment experiment despite my war wounds. Someone tell me when I’m a midwife someone else will deal with the microbiology ‘cause its clearly not my strong point.

Such a great feeling… except I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. I keep looking around at my books and notes wondering what I’m missing. I can’t quite relax yet as I keep feeling I should be working!  Now just to cross fingers and hope the results are good when they come out on July 1st…

So now what? Welllll… I have a ton and I mean big hayoooge piles of paperwork to complete to ensure that I can start university in September and that when I do I won’t be flat broke.  It seems the NHS wants to know my life story and needs copies of every piece of documentation I own. YIKES!  I’ll be working on that then.

Especially as my doctor doesn’t seem to have any health records for me so I’ll probably have to take all my vaccinations over again. I so love my arm being used as a pin cushion, don’t you?

Learning to drive continues … my instructor and I are now bickering as if we were family and my test is booked (ohhhh lordy). Nope, I’m not telling when it is … ‘cause you know PRESSURE! I’m seeing whole new areas of the world around me on my driving lessons… places I’ve never been to in three years I’ve lived here simply because my world is currently restricted to  well operated bus routes.. KM is already talking about all the things we can do “when you get your car Ali…”

Ohhh, one last  thing…  remember last year I did the 5km Race For Life to raise money for Cancer research UK? mmmhum I knew you would … I didn’t think I’d be around to take part this year but it turns out I’m freeeee! So, I’ll be taking part again on the 27th of June at Aintree Racecourse made famous as the home of the Grand National.

There are two reasons you should care so pay attention for a min ok?

1) Cancer sucks.  It’s awful. Really. Most of us know someone who’s fought that terrifying battle. More and more people are surviving, thank God, but still too many amazing fighters are not so lucky. It needs to END… like now… yesterday. I know it’s not much, me walking a measly 5km to raise a little cash which, lets face it, will be a drop in the ocean of what’s needed, BUT we will only get to a cure for cancer one step at a time. It all adds up. So I would humbly ask that you consider doing something. Sponsor me here if you feel so inclined, take part in an event of your own… make a donation… badger your mates to make one… whatever.

2) You might have seen from last year’s pictures that all the walkers wear these pink panels on their backs where we chose something to write about why we are walking … last year mine included dedications to BeautifulMess’s mom , In Due Time’s Aunt K and Geek By Marriage’s uncles among others. So, dear friends, if you have someone you would like me to walk in honor of or a dedication you want me to make please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to include them. Thanks!

Ohh and after all these are taken care of… I’m going to America!!  Ohhh summer… how I love thee 😀

Hugs and kisses

Ali xX

My E-coli Creation 😛

2 thoughts on “School’s out !

  1. Oh sweetie you are doing AMAZING! I mean it when I say you’re an inspiration. You’ve jumped over SO many hurdles and I couldn’t be more proud of you! Enjoy your summer vacation, you deserve it.

    I’ll see if I can sponsor you, gotta check my finances, but I appreciate you putting my mom’s name on your shirt. Means more to me then I can say.

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