A day to catch my breath.

10 minutes or so after handing in my work at college, I was in a changing room of a local clothing store trying on 2 dresses 3 tops and some pajama’s in a frantic hurry so that I could catch up with KM who had walked out to go and buy a boating magazine as soon as my “I just want to see if they have some lightweight summer trousers” turned into Ali with an arm full of bright fabric garments, none of which were trouser shaped, headed towards the fitting room. Ooopp! I have my arm through the strap of this long dress and my head still lost somewhere inside…. when the familiar vibration sounds. I fight for my freedom, my head coming out of the top of the polka dot wonder… it’s my mother “phone me“… Sigh… wait… its 2 in the afternoon… what’s that all about? Last time my mum called me at such an unusual time it was to tell me about Dad. Sheeks. I can’t breathe partly due to the panic that something is dreadfully wrong AGAIN, partly because I know KM is still waiting but mostly due to the UK’s major lack of air conditioning and my hormonal inadequacies… I’m dying from the heat!

I call but not before I pay for my shopping… I mean what’s an extra 2 minutes? (here’s the bit where you all tell me to have a talk with myself about priorities… but I REALLY like that dress 😛 )  Everything was FINE. Pheeew… Mum also needed me to try on a dress that she’d been making for a friends wedding I’ll be going to in a few weeks. Sounds simple enough, except she lives near London a good 3-4 hours drive from me. She’s passing by on her way to Scotland tomorrow and wants to see me… well, actually she wants to take me with her for the whole of next week.

 There’s all these things my family needs me to do: collect my dad’s personal belongings, decide what should be done with his ashes, visit with my aunt  and visit my Grandparents who I still have not managed to see since I wrote this post last July… all of which are things I need to do that my mum has been holding off on talking to me about while I finish college. She asked me to call on the off chance I was done early (wasn’t due to finish till Monday) Nice timing mum! My head went into overdrive.  Now I have to pack, rearrange all my driving lessons next week despite my test date looming in the not too distant future, find a way to tell KM that we won’t be doing all those things I had promised we could do “as soon as I finish all this college work” this week .and AND when am I going to fill in all this paperwork I still have to do? PANIC.

I hung up the call just as I was approaching KM, sitting in the sun not too far from the store I had just come from, engrossed in an article about yachting. His face fell as soon as he saw me on the phone. Not sure whether it’s something to do with my demeanor or if KM just has a mega powerful mother-in-law radar, but he always knows when she’s on the phone… and he is miffed because he knows that I am always stressed and grumpy when I hang up.

We went for our planned celebration “yay you finished college” meal, which turned into a “thank you KM for doing all my spell checking and generally putting up with me / saving my ass the last two weeks” meal (I paid the bill lol)

I drank this cocktail sitting in the sun.

Then I had this one along with some wonderful Italian food.

Then I had a gorgeous cheesecake for dessert (and another one of those glasses of red happy juice pictured above… shhh)


Woooo Ali does this mean you are blogging on the move?  Nope! I didn’t get to Scotland today with my mother… and why?

Because when you’ve been up till 4 am doing college assignments most nights for over a week and then you add in the relief of  finishing, a good dose of sunshine and 3 of those yummy yummy vodka based beverages… there comes a point when your body just says  ENOUGH I’M EXAUSTED!  For me, it was Friday evening when we got home. I crashed out and slept for 5 hours without moving once! When I woke up, I barely had enough energy to call my mother and tell her if she needed me in Scotland I’d have to join her on Monday. So that’s what I’m doing.

I admit I spent the majority of the day in bed trying and failing to catch up on sleep, apart from my driving lesson which did NOT go well. Don’t drive tired people!

Tomorrow I will attempt to get all of my forms filled in so they can be mailed on Monday or as soon as I get back from Scotland … because I have to send my passport off  with these applications and I can’t plan or book my US vacation until I get it back (no idea how long that takes). I have baseball tickets to see my Yankees in Chicago at the end of August. Pleeease do not let me miss those games.  I’ll cry… lots.

Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight

Ali xX

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