The Macdonalds

A cynic sat among the cathedral congregation: the music gently plays… men in kilts, fancy dresses… Mother dressed in pink, father oh so proud, a woman whose smile sparkles more than her stunning white dress, A handsome kilted man waits…

“Do you take this man ….?  I do”   The first of my two closest high school friends becomes someone’s Mrs. One of our trilogy is Married. Even the cynic wipes a subtle tear from her cheek believing for this moment that a wedding makes all the sense in the world. Musical Miss kissed her groom to the sound of popping champagne corks and shall hence forth be known as Musical Mrs.

Wonderful sunshine, good food, great friends… It truly was a beautiful wedding. Running like clockwork, no stress, no awkward standing around and even reasonably priced drinks at the bar but these physical details are tiny compared to the joy written on the happy couples faces all day long.  A truly loving union of families it was wonderful to watch. And who could help but cheer at the news that Dad’s aging old Jaguar had made it to the church on time, or at the appearance of the childhood friend Soft the teddy bear, testament we were told to the bride’s loving nature and proof that she would love her fiends not for a short time but until they are literally falling apart.  There was perhaps only a slight hint of jealously as the many talents of family and friends were displayed: a song written for the happy couple, a violin tune so lilting and lovingly played by a young girl whose skill leaves many adult fiddlers in her shadow. Even their own Scottish reel “The Merry Macdonald” created by friends and danced into the late hours of the festivities.

Yes, it was a soppy overflow of love with a sprinkling of the usual wedding traditions but in no way did this day feel cliché. It seemed to flow as a natural celebration of my friend and her man.  I truly am grateful I was able to share it with them.

Maybe this wedding thing isn’t so bad…

Much love luck health and happiness to you both and I do hope we continue to be friends until we are falling apart.

All my love

Ali xx

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