3 weeks today ……..

I’m going to America!!  YEAH! 😀

Well, if my passport comes home in time that is… but it will… RIGHT? I had to send off all my ID’s as part of the income assessment of my student bursary for next year. You know, the pittance of money they are going to give me to live off when I become a student midwife in September. Still I’m not complaining because you know any money to live off is good news and AND for the first time in three years I’ll be able to sign off benefit. I’ll be back to working for my keep 🙂

Anyways, I sent the form off last week and my passport should return home in its special delivery envelope by next Tuesday. It should. If everything goes according to plan it will be back about a week before I have to leave. Am I nervous about this tight schedule?  JUST A LITTLE!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me and my trusty passport that we can go on our adventures again as planned. It will be a massive sigh of relief when Mr. Passport comes home I can tell you.

So far on my six week adventure I have time planned in New York, Washington D.C. (whyyy do you guys have towns with a name and states with the same name MILES AND MILES from each other? It confuses my Brit Brain) Las Vegas uh huh uh huh I’m going to Vegas Baby! (mmhmm I’m taking a bunch of people who aren’t scared of Vegas with me to help me out lol)  I’ll be spending a considerable amount of time dropping in and out of Chicago so please wish Mr. and Mrs. Gadget Guy good luck with the British ahem… Scottish invasion.  I have one more week where I just can’t decide where to go and its driving me round the twist … I really want to do L.A. but not being able to drive (yet- think positive) seems to make this mighty impractical. I neeeeeed to decide soon… did I mention I leave in THREE WEEKS. 😀

College results finally dropped through my letter box this week … I didn’t quite do as well as I was hoping to at the beginning of the year and only scored a pass in five modules  but I also scored 2 merits and 9 distinctions and am well above my entry requirements for university sooooo … I really will be a student midwife when I come back from my summer of fun !

Getting Excited.

Ali xX

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