The journey begins … ??

“Mum, how fast can you knit me a breast?” is not a question I ever expected to have to ask and the puzzled look on my Mother’s face was priceless. I gave her the pattern. We went shopping for “flesh colored yarn” and she started work.

My new boob !

I came home from my summers adventures on a cold Monday morning and arrived at my mum’s house in Northhamptonshire just after lunch time. I had 3 days till I moved into my new accommodations at the hospital where I will do my training. That’s three days to go back to the Wirral, collect my belongings, unpack, repack and drive down south which is where I would now be living. I was soon running round ordering books for my study on Amazon, shopping for a baby doll and persuading my mum to knit me a new pair of boobs!

I’m writing this now on my laptop from my new room, all moved in and mostly unpacked. University started a couple of days ago and I officially enrolled and picked up my I.D. yesterday. I’m a genuine student midwife. The journey begins…

I wish I could write that it’s all plain sailing, its fantastic and I’m loving every minute.

I miss my cat lol . When I called home last night I could hear him meowing in the background and it made me feel both really sad and a bit pathetic.   KM was lucky enough to get a short term 6 month contract for a software project while I was away (YAY for employment) but it means he won’t be moving down here till probably April or May next year, which sucks.  After living with the guy for such a long time, I have to confess I miss him even more than the cat and that’s a lot.

Really I miss the comforts of home. Its been 9 years since I was last a first year in uni and this whole living in shared accommodations is so not me anymore. There are four rooms in the flat I’ve moved into and we share a bathroom and kitchen. I miss the living room.  I want to curl up on the couch and watch TV, not that I did this all that much when I lived “at home” but now I miss my TV. I miss not having to queue to cook in a kitchen that is definitely too small for two people to move around in let alone four and is also painted the most vivid yellow. I miss the privacy and the personal space. Being back in student accommodations makes me feel old and when I feel old I seem to just get more and more grumpy.

 None of this is helped by the fact that the hospital where I’ll be working and for now at least living is in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing to do out here for an evening. It is the hospital site and that’s it. Seen as I have yet to pass my driving license, I’m feeling incredibly isolated. This hospital was not my requested placement location. In fact, the university asked us to list our top three choices and where I ended up was not on my list at all, however I’m not the only one in this position it seems a lot of girls have been moved around. Still, both KM and I actively wanted to relocate to the university town which is on the south coast and now it seems for the next three years at least it’ll be a good hour to hour and half’s drive inland. It’s slightly depressing.

The first few days of uni are always kind of boring: campus tours, library info, introductions to people you may never see again in your three years at the institution. I mean if you wind up in the dean’s office the reason is 98% of the time it’s not a good one, so I’m kind of hoping i don’t have to go see him in the next three years.  Our first couple of days has been just that boring with added paperwork.

I want to go home … I almost want to give up before I’ve even begun.

Sighs ..

Ali xX

One thought on “The journey begins … ??

  1. YAY you’re back! Welcome home! I missed you so much, even though I talked (stalked) to you on FB ;o)

    I can only imagine what you’re feeling but it’ll get easier! This is your DREAM and you’ll be amazing! You can do this, love!

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