Working for my keep!

Today is a BIG day for me: well at least in my head it is. You see my friends, today is the day that I am officially not on Incapacity Benefit anymore! YAY! I’m no longer dependant on the tax payers’ handouts to keep me fed or put a roof over my head! Instead I work for my keep and after 3 years that feels soooo good.

Okkk so technically I still am dependant on the tax payer in the form of my NHS (small) bursary which will support me though my training, but at least I’m doing SOMETHING, and if you for one second think that your paying the way for some lay-about student, I’ll be happy to send over my timetable and self taught schedule and you’ll see I’m working hard for those few pennies. 😀

I’m not for one second casting blame or judgment on anyone who does get their income from the welfare state here in the UK. The system is there for a reason and I am very grateful for it, but ever since I was put onto sickness benefit back in the dark days of depression and medical issues it has been my goal to go back to work and do something that really makes a difference.

Now at last I feel like I’m on the road to that goal, I feel like a productive member of society again with a role and a function and a valuable contribution to make. It’s hard work and sometimes I still struggle, but hay at least the days of each week no longer merge into one looong day, I know today is Tuesday and I have a ton of things to do today I have structure and routine, achievements and challenges. Yep right now I have a long list of tasks all of them challenging, and it feels GREAT!

Bring it on world … the (next) adventure starts here and I’m ready…. I think :S

Ali xX


Ahhhh …finished …. 112 pages of essential – if not exactly riveting – reading in the form of the Nursing and Midwifery Council Guidlines on the Administration of Medication. Time to snatch a little time to blog before I collapse into bed exhausted and hopefully get enough rest to allow me to face week 2 of university with enthusiasm.

KM has come and gone …. torrential rain in the area meant that he was an hour and a half late arriving on Friday and got here at 11 pm, he left again this morning (Sunday) at 10 am; so essentially the guy travelled 10 hours on the coach each way for a one day visit …

I’d forgotten how nice it is to spend a day with him doing nothing in particular; it’s funny how after 8 weeks of not seeing him just the fact that he’s in the same room and I can poke and tease and touch him is enough. We spent Saturday by the seaside with, KM ogling various boats, and me shopping, eating ice-cream and generally enjoying the sunshine.

I thought I would really struggle when it was time for him to leave, and I was sad – I may even have shed a couple of tears – but you know I also feel better. I feel better knowing that he is behind me, he supports what I’m doing to build a future for us in a better part of the country and he believes I can succeed and thrive; if we can only stick this long distance thing out for a short while.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”… you always hear that don’t you? Well perhaps it’s true; being away from home is making me realise a lot of things about myself and my relationship that either I didn’t know before or perhaps I’d lost sight of in the drudge of everyday living.

I’m lucky to be so loved …

Ali xX