Ahhhh …finished …. 112 pages of essential – if not exactly riveting – reading in the form of the Nursing and Midwifery Council Guidlines on the Administration of Medication. Time to snatch a little time to blog before I collapse into bed exhausted and hopefully get enough rest to allow me to face week 2 of university with enthusiasm.

KM has come and gone …. torrential rain in the area meant that he was an hour and a half late arriving on Friday and got here at 11 pm, he left again this morning (Sunday) at 10 am; so essentially the guy travelled 10 hours on the coach each way for a one day visit …

I’d forgotten how nice it is to spend a day with him doing nothing in particular; it’s funny how after 8 weeks of not seeing him just the fact that he’s in the same room and I can poke and tease and touch him is enough. We spent Saturday by the seaside with, KM ogling various boats, and me shopping, eating ice-cream and generally enjoying the sunshine.

I thought I would really struggle when it was time for him to leave, and I was sad – I may even have shed a couple of tears – but you know I also feel better. I feel better knowing that he is behind me, he supports what I’m doing to build a future for us in a better part of the country and he believes I can succeed and thrive; if we can only stick this long distance thing out for a short while.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”… you always hear that don’t you? Well perhaps it’s true; being away from home is making me realise a lot of things about myself and my relationship that either I didn’t know before or perhaps I’d lost sight of in the drudge of everyday living.

I’m lucky to be so loved …

Ali xX

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