Blowing the dust off …. and trying to power up.

When I think of my blog in my head, it’s like one of those crusty, crumbly old theatres. It once was inspiring and helpful, but was abandoned when more pressing things came along to take up my time and has since fallen into disrepair. ….. Think Muppet theatre in that awesome movie you’ve all see I’m sure.

So here I am … back in a lonely silent place covered in dust. A one woman rebuild crew.

Why? Because actually blogging and this blog in particular really, really helped me. Writing things down, getting them out there and sometimes receiving comments, advice or support really helped me. I didn’t stop because I lost interest. Far from it. The blog was like a support for me as I got back on my feet, a metaphorical pair of crutches, if you will. Once I figured out I was strong enough to walk I dropped one crutch then the other… posting here less and less often. September 2010 my life took off at lightning speed when I started my training to be a midwife and I’ve been flat out running ever since trying to keep up. That pair of crutches long forgotten.

And IT’S BEEN GREAT! Well, most of it has anyway.
I am genuinely a stronger, happier more focus person than I was even in 2010.

So here we are 2013… and I’m back. Because well … I missed Blogging, for one thing, but also because I still have a whole list of things I need to improve or want to achieve, and now that I’m about wrapping my head around life as a student midwife. I need to make time to write again.

It’s time to make the music, its time to light the lights….. its time to meet the Muppets….yeah you get it ….

I’m back (tentatively) few days. I hope to bring out the plan for 2013, talk a little BRIEFLY about where I am now and give you the highlight reel of the last couple of years.

Initiating blog: Phase Two.

Hope to see you around.

Ali xX


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