2011 & 2012- The Highlight Reel.


SEPTEMBER 2010 – Achieved my main goal of the Blog formally called Cyster A.C.T. I enrolled at university and became a “Student Midwife ” and I still get a little smile on my face when I see those two words and my name in the same sentence.

Moved from one end of the country to another in order to complete my training.

Promptly fell off the blogging wagon as my life took off. It takes a lot to go from unemployment to studying full time and working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. It was indeed an adjustment.

Many things happened in this year… but suffice to say I passed my first year of training with better marks than I ever thought possible.

DECEMBER 2011 – I was having some family trouble and I actually experience an incident at work which caused me to have flashbacks and nightmares from my past. I ended up not sleeping at all for a number of weeks, and in the end it just wasn’t safe for me to be on shift. There is too much at stake when you work with mum’s and babies, so I made the decision to withdraw and restart my 2nd year of training in September 2012.

I pretty much gate-crashed at a friend’s house for November and December last year and I will be forever grateful. I spent New Year at Disneyland in Paris with my goddaughter and her mum and dad, which was a very very cool trip BUT I was so sick with the WORST cold I have ever had in my life and was in bed by 8.30pm on New Years Eve.

Got myself back on my feet and was getting pretty depressed watching all my Uni girls progressing and leaving me behind, so I decided to up and go traveling.

I had a fantastic trip to Tuscany (I’d always wanted to go to Italy) with my Mum which really helped us with our relationship. We’re never going to be best friends or anything but we managed a week together without falling out and this was a HUGE step for us.

Next, I rented a Holiday Condo in Chicago for 2 WHOLE MONTHS and disappeared there… I had theeee most fantastic time, full of fun and adventures it was AMAZING.

Turned 30. YES the Big 3-0 on the 5th of August 2012 and really, the less said about that the better. I was mega down about the milestone and I can’t say I feel too much better about it now, but I do have less time to dwell on it.  I should try to write a post about it… meh Worried

Actually spent a week in paradise aka Hawaii… and it was out of this world. Honestly, the most beautiful place I have been on this earth. It was the perfect way to celebrate, I’m only sad that KM didn’t travel with me. Being in one of the most romantic places on earth – alone – that’s rough.  I missed him loads! However I compensated it by taking a ride in both a submarine and a helicopter, I spent my afternoons listening to music and drinking Piña colada’s, or more often the Waikiki Cosmo, which I sometimes still dream about if only I could remember what’s actually in it :S Also the holiday allowed me to send this text ” Hello KM, miss you! However I am currently looking at the blue, blue ocean and taking a nap leaning against a palm tree, so it’s not all bad. Luv ya! ”

Booked our WEDDING… uh huh that’s RIGHT – me and KM (Who really needs a new name seen as the kayak has long since disappeared) are actually going to tie the knot in less that 6 months from now and although weddings are still far from my favorite thing, I am excited about ours and I can’t wait!!

SEPTEMBER 2012 – Started the life of a student midwife once more: shifts, course work, essays, assessments… you name it. My schedule is just as manic as it was in first year. In fact, if anything, it’s WORSE.  2nd year is meant to be the hardest year of training with the highest drop out rate and so far is living up to all those claims… but I’m here and I’m still swimming… Fingers crossed.

So here we are now JANUARY 2013 – KM is studying a master’s in Micro Electronics at one end of the country and lives in our flat, I’m studying to be a midwife at the other end of the country and splitting my time between our flat and being a lodger with two lovely ladies and their 2 dogs in the town where I’m training. KM and I try to see each other as much as we can, but living apart most of the time isn’t easy.  However, hopefully our plan will eventually come together and we will both be better off. Between studying and planning a wedding… Busy, busy, busy.

Ali xX

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