The Master Plan!

Here it is: the Master plan for 2013!

I’m keeping the plan broken into the same two categories that I used in previous years:  “Get a Grip” and “Get a Life”.  “Get a Grip” will be reserved for all the things I have to do. “Get a Life” will be reserved for the things I want to do – goals I want to achieve, hobbies I’d like to pursue – generally improving my quality of life; having more fun and working towards “Content and Happy“, both with myself and my life.

“Get a Grip”
• I will continue to have NO panic attacks in 2013 by using my current coping mechanisms and, if need be, learning new ones.
• Continue to work on asking for help when I need it.
• Swear only when absolutely necessary
• In 2013, I will actually take my multivitamin every day and will try adding evening primrose oil, to hopefully better control my mood.
• If I have to take medication this year I am going to find out about each drug I’m taking – read about it and make informed choices.
• I will TRY HARDER to take responsibility for my diet. Yup, cutting the junk food, adding more veg, cooking for myself… all the things.  2013 is the year to get “eating“ under control.
• Explore new types of exercise and actively try to find something I enjoy and stick to it.
• I will ride a bike again for fun in 2013.
• Make a concerted effort to lose weight on my own before continuing research into weight loss surgery.
• I will continue to keep a proper record of my moods, any symptoms, and any bleeding / periods using Femilia.
• Be more proactive about university work/schedules.
• Learn to set mini goals and look for something positive I have achieved every day.
• By the end of 2013 I will be driving a car WITH a license. (even if it is an automatic)

“Get a Life”
• I will get better at keeping in touch with my friends. This still needs MUCH improvement.
• Taking up my cross-stitch again / learn to knit.
• Read more for both midwifery and pleasure.
• Trying to see a movie at least once a month
• Go to the theatre more (money allowing).
• Make a real effort to cook more and to remember how much I enjoy it.
• Continue to learn all I can about the USA – its culture, history, politics and people.
• Aim to keep up with news and see as many games as I can (both in person and on TV/internet) this baseball season.
• Travel. At every opportunity.
• Continue my efforts to become a better photographer.
• Update my blog more often and comment more.
• Do three things this year I’ve never done before.

I’m only human. I can’t promise that I will stick to all of it all of the time, but I will try my best and I will not give up. Feel free to comment / question but let’s keep it polite!

Ali xX
P.s.  You can read about previous years 2009 and 2010, If you really feel the need.

One thought on “The Master Plan!

  1. I am both moved and impressed by your blog – by you! Glad you are participating in show and tell and the bloggy community – hope you can move to America sometime soon!!! 🙂

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